Our Footprint

The Alliance engages with federal, state, local, private sector and nonprofit organizations and incorporates them into our regional work. Our key partner organizations are listed below.


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Regional planning is an important part of the work we do – our Planning Committee, with the support of the Alliance, develops and maintains plans and templates for use by localities. These frameworks may be incorporated into local plans or used as reference documents when developing new plans. By providing high quality planning resources, the Alliance achieves regional coordination and resiliency for all types of disasters. The Alliance maintains access to a repository of plan templates developed through regional planning efforts and made available to our Alliance members and partners:

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The Fund

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Central Virginia Disaster Preparedness and Response Fund was created in partnership with PlanRVA, Emergency Management Alliance of Central Virginia, and the Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond. In addition to federal and state-level funding, this region-wide relief fund provides aid and assistance to localities affected by disasters. This fund is only activated during disasters and is managed by the Fund Advisory Committee.

First activated in 2020, the Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund raised $7 million through 220 grants that reached 761,282 individuals across the region. Focus areas for the response fund include:

  • Health Services
  • Housing Assistance
  • Food Distribution
  • School Technology
  • Childcare
  • Job Stability

The success of the Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund can be found in the Fund Impact Report.

Regional Planning Support

As a key partner organization, PlanRVA provides planning, program management, administrative and technical assistance, partnership development, and other activities for the Alliance, enabling regional partners to share resources and information and coordinate more effectively. This staff support serves as the central coordinating point for Alliance business and is essential to the development of regional initiatives.


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